Two months ago I couldn’t walk without a cane and now I go everywhere without it. Thanks to the Doctor!​
T. R.
My lower back was killing me when I first came here. Now its not.
M. T.
Hiccups are much better. I used to hiccup every time I ate. Not anymore! My headaches and backaches are much better too! Thank you!
H. L.
I had constant pain and could only work one hour. Now I can work a whole shift!
I. T.
I am sleeping much better.
K. T.
My neck feels better and my arm stopped tingling. My sleep has improved.
N. T.
I went from daily headaches to less than one a month!
S. J.
The staff are great! Extremely friendly and always ready to answer any questions.
I am sleeping through the night now, and as a stay at home mom- I need to be well rested! The team has helped me re-evaluate my overall health, and I am well on my way to becoming a healthier me!
I. B.
My left leg isn’t numb anymore!
M. A.
I can finally sleep at night without waking up all the time!
I. E.
I had extreme sciatic pain and leg weakness. Now I’m better than before!
E. B.
No more pain in my right arm!
B. B.
After receiving treatments I’m starting to dream at night.Thanks Doc!
M. B.
The relief from my neck and back pain is incredible! I feel much better consistently.
I knew I was in pain and had lost flexibility, I just did not realize how much until Dr. J made the pain go away. I feel great!. Thanks Dr. J.
After only one visit, my hip pain from being in my third trimester was essentially gone!!!! Thank you Hebron Chiropractic!
A. C.
No more face or arm tingling!!
N. G.
I had real lower back issues and now they are much better. Thanks!
H. S.
I can lift my toddler without pain.
I. L.
I can now walk up the stairs.
J. P.
My back and neck were almost frozen where I could hardly move. Now, that has changed and can move pretty freely.
Dr. Langley is very through in his exams and the staff is very helpful. I recommend the office to all my family and friends.